psycho-epistemological states eovoked by music

The connection of music to man’s cognitive faculty is supported by the fact that certain kinds of music have a paralyzing, narcotic effect on man’s mind. They induce a state of trancelike stupor, a loss of context, of volition, of self awareness. Primitive music and most Oriental music fall into this category. The enjoyment of such music is the opposite of the emotional state that a Western man would call enjoyment: to the Western man, music is an intensely personal experience and a confirmation of his cognitive power—to the primitive man, music brings the dissolution of self and of consciousness. In both cases, however, music is the means of evoking that psycho-epistemological state which their respective philosophies regard as proper and desirable for man.

discovery of methods

Concepts of method represent a large part of man’s conceptual equipment. Epistemology is a science devoted to the discovery of the proper methods of acquiring and validating knowledge. Ethics is a science devoted to the discovery of the proper methods of living one’s life. Medicine is a science devoted to the discovery of the proper methods of curing disease. All the applied sciences (i.e., technology) are sciences devoted to the discovery of methods.

Integrating capacity of the mind

He will be bored by too easy a process of integration, like an expert in higher mathematics who is put to the task of solving problems in kindergarten arithmetic. He will feel a mixture of boredom and resentment when he hears a series of random bits with which his mind can do nothing. He will feel anger, revulsion and rebellion against the process of hearing jumbled musical sounds; he will experience it as an attempt to destroy the integrating capacity of his mind.


Do not think over your sentences in advance and do not censor yourself.

To write even a short article, you must know much more than you put on paper. For a book, you must know the equivalent of ten books, so that you can exercise selectivity and be sure about what you say.

Do not try to do your thinking and your writing at the same time.

time machine

Your may have the knowledge of the past, but you can’t go back and act; but if you have the knowledge of the future, you may act in advance in order to make profit of that knowledge.

So knowledge of the past is useless, unless it can help you predict the future.

so, forget the knowledge that can not help you predict the future.

Thinking vs Fighting

Thinking is like fighting, you can avoid thinking as you can avoid fighting.

Fighting can be difficult, dangerous, exhausted, so does thinking.

Don’t think thinking is easy, easy thinking means nothing. If you don’t feel tortured while thinking, you are thinking about the easy target, go torture yourself by thinking about the tough subject.

Think as hard as a true fighter and die as a thinker.

Action & thinking

Thinking alone is not enough, action is required.

If for thinking or action you must choose one and only one, then choose action.

For too much thinking makes action paralyzed, too much action may cause death, but as long as you are alive, you will learn something from it, and be better.


In practice, therefore, you must be more reality-oriented than a scientist, who has the help of the physical problem and the physical objects he is working with. Aim at being at least as reality-oriented as a scientist—which in this context means being exclusively focused on your subject.

primacy of existence

the universe exists independent of anyone’s awareness of it, that the function of consciousness is to grasp, not to create, reality, and that the absolutism of existence is what ought to shape one’s thoughts (and actions).

resist depression thought

What is the cause of depression? The faulty thought, the persistent wrong thought of one’s own, in order to remove the bad thought that cause the problem, we have to fight it continuously. It is not easy, but to have a better day, we have no other choice.

Life is WAR

Life is war and nothing else, everyhing in life is related to battle of life, depend on whether you’re a winner or a loser, you will be happy or sad.

life is war, so it subjects to chance, intelligence, knowledge, intentions of others, which make outcome of life unpredictable, if anything bad happened ,accept it and fight again relentlessly.

good luck in war of life, more importantly, you must fight for your life, to death.

difficulty of accurate recognition

This difficulty of accurate recognition constitutes one of the most serious sources of friction in war, by making things appear entirely different from what one had expected. The senses make a more vivid impression on the mind than systematic thought.

talent of imagination

it is nevertheless certain that if he has himself a talent for forming an ideal picture of a country quickly and distinctly, it lends to his action an easier and firmer step, saves him from a certain mental helplessness, and makes him less dependent on others.

If this talent then is to be ascribed to imagination, it is also almost the only service which military activity requires from that erratic goddess whose influence is more hurtful than useful in other respects.